From the Founder, David Sebba:

I was inspired to start Fureedom Riders after seeing my amazing wife, Mary, paint portraits of dogs that unfortunately were not able to make it out of the shelter system.

I had to find a way to help. After paying a web developer thousands and thousands of dollars for a way to help get shelter dogs OUT safely, I became extremely frustrated at the money-grab that soon followed.

Despite me outlining very clearly what I was hoping to create, the end product was effectively useless. The communication from the company I hired was weak at best. It was such a letdown. They simply DID NOT understand the crisis or how my solution would help.

What followed was my personal drive to learn how to make websites on my own and to use those skills to give-back.

I noticed that a lot of amazing animal rescue organizations lacked any type of online presence other than Facebook, or if they did, their website was not well maintained.

I do not blame any of them for not wanting to pay the exorbitant fees that others charge for those services.

Fureedom Riders is a Florida registered nonprofit and that charges ZERO to animal rescues and relies purely on tax-deductible donations.

If you would like to help us continue our mission please consider donating!